Primitivo Salento PGI (Italy)
Red Wine

Alcohol: 14.5% (2014) / 14% (2015) / 16% (2016)

Vine Varietal: Primitivo 100%

Vineyard Location: Uggiano Montefusco (Manduria, TA)

Rearing System: sapling

Vineyard Management: about to convert into organic

Planting Year: 1999

Yield: about 5000 kilograms

Yield per plant: about 1 kilogram of grapes

Soil: Red Soil, Carparo and Marl underground

Climate: Mediterranean climate, with breezy winds from the Ionian Sea, excellent sun exposure

Proximity to the Sea: 7 km far from the Ionian Sea

Harvest: manual, in boxes, first decade of September

Fermentation: gentle de-stemming of the grapes followed by a maceration of the peel / temperature-controlled fermentation. When organoleptic chemical parameters established, we proceed to the separation of the skins from the wine.

Ageing: 9 months into brand new American oak barrels, then into bottles for 1 year.

Not filtered.



Color: deep ruby red with violet hues.

Smell: you can appreciate sensations of fruity notes due to mature fruit and elegant spicy notes such as vanilla and cloves;

Taste: good balanced, the elegance of the tannins is well supported by the right acidity that gives the wine persistence and attitude to aging;

Serving suggestions: pasta with meat sauce, pies and baked profusely flavored pasta, wheat soup with beans and chickpeas, roast beef, rare steak, spicy sausage;

Serving temperature: 16/18° C